Friday, April 5, 2013

X-Training Diary: Nike Leaner Legs, My Menu & Cycling Kit

KIT OF THE DAY: Rudy Project wins this round with their: Windmax Helmet, Kylix cycle eye wear and Long Sleeved Team Racing Jersey. Gore Bike Wear Shorts, Smartwool Hy-Fi Knee Warmers, Pearl Izumi Cycling Gloves.
Training Day
Well the temperatures finally broke a bit in the northeast and even though it was windy, 63 degrees felt pretty good!  As you may know, I am in training for the Rapha Women's 100 Cycling Sportive coming up on July 7, 2013. Now for the past two or three years, I've ridden through the winter but since Hurricane Sandy hit my area, there is still so much debris on the side of the road along with fallen trees whose branches lean in to snatch you. I have used my bicycle for short errands but that's not the same as a good long fitness ride. Over the next three months, I'll try to give you a snap-shot of one of my training days including what cross training exercises I did, menu ideas and my Kit of the Day.  Here we go with day one:

Oatmeal is delicious, full of protein & fiber. I'm going to need it!
Nike Leaner Legs
So I started off today with a group outdoor exercise class. It was beautiful outside and about 53 degrees at the time. We did the Nike Training Club App: Leaner Legs which takes you through 15 minutes of leg toning jumps and lunges. Just what I needed!  To fuel all this fun here is my breakfast & lunch menu:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup Oatmeal + handful of dried cranberries & 1 tsp. coconut oil

(15 Minute Nike Leaner Legs Workout plus lots of water)

Lunch: Egg Salad on 1 slice whole wheat bread. 2oz portion of grilled boneless skinless salmon & whiting

(After lunch, 6 + mile bicycle ride on my Nishiki Sport Touring)

Dinner: Homemade California Pizza with Avocado & bell peppers

Salmon is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and can help with post exercise recovery.
On the Road Again
After lunch, it was time to hit the road (bike). My strategy (yes I do have one) is to train on the heavier Nishiki Sport Touring bicycle replete with stuffed panniers for that extra drag. This should strengthen my legs and make it easier to push a much lighter bicycle on the day of the ride. That would be my Terry Symmetry.

Cycling Kit of the Day
I chose the long-sleeved Rudy Project Racing Jersey because it was windy today and I didn't want to get chilled. The full zip feature allowed me to regulate my temperature very easily and I like that it is white and highly visible. I topped it off with their new Windmax lid which is super light and airy. I could actually feel cool air blowing over my scalp! Comes with a bug net to allow air in but keep those critters out.

Rudy Project Kit
The Rudy Project Racing Jersey, helmet and glasses were so comfortable for my opening day ride. 100% polyester it offers some sun protection. Three open pouches in the back. Soft spun, it allows just the right amount of air to pass through so I stayed comfortable and dry.

Rudy Project Windmax Helmet - This thing is so light and comfortable.  Weighing only 250 grams (8.8 ozs) with out accessories, it is my favorite lid.  Comes with a removable mountain bike visor and insect net plus extra replacement padding for a custom fit.  Turn the knob in the back to dial in the perfect fit for your noggin. Helmets are always a problem for me due to my long hair but this one has that situation covered.

Rudy Project Kylix Eye Wear - I really like these for style and their ability to accommodate my eyeglass Rx. The nose and earpieces are totally adjustable but the payoff are the inter-changeable optics. I'm wearing the Lazer Red lenses here but most of Rudy's eye wear allows you to replace the lenses with another color / tint according to your specific riding conditions.

Smartwool Hy-Fi Knee Warmers
Smartwool Hy-Fi Knee Warmers

I wanted to wear my Gore Bike Wear shorts today but it was still a little too cold for all that air to be hitting my quads sooooo. I added these soft Merino Wool knee warmers from Smartwool to the kit. The silicone bands both on the skin and fabric sides keep them in place. They didn't move for the whole ride nor did they cause my shorts to shift.

I really can't say enough about these.  You get double duty out of your shorts and short sleeved jerseys because you can add these and extend the season.  It's still not warm enough to me for bare arms and knees.  I guess I'll be using them a while longer until the temps heat up.

Another side benefit I noticed is the leg/thigh compression the knee warmers offer. This gave me a little unexpected boost on the hills the first day out.  Thank you!

Smartwool Knee Warmers & RoadID Bibs on my Terry.

Next Stop, Bib Shorts!

I enjoy my cycle shorts but nothing beats the comfort and convenience of bib shorts.

Next to my Smartwool Knee Warmers, I enjoy wearing my Road ID Bib Shorts.  You never have to worry about pulling them up so they make the perfect companion for longer, more intensive rides.

So are you taking on the Rapha challenge or any others this season? Share what exercises programs or apps you're doing to get in shape this spring!

My "Trainer".  I figure with all the stuff I have in these panniers, I should shape up in NO time!

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