Wednesday, March 20, 2013

XX2i Optics New France1 Dual Kit

The France1 in Tortoise, XX2i Optics latest in fashionable - functional - interchangeable eye wear. Daphne Scarf in Coral  by Pistil Designs
Sure to become a fixture at the Tour de France, some of the most innovative eye wear is coming from XX2i Optics this season.  Their very cool new France1 Dual Kit gives you excellent optical clarity paired with your choice of interchangeable frames and lenses. This means you can mix and match your eye wear more specifically to your: visibility conditions, cycling kit, running jersey, your helmet, team colors and more.

XX2i Optics NEW France1 Dual Kit

The Dual Kit contains: 2 Sunglasses, 5 Lenses (blue, yellow & clear), 1 Hard Case, 5 Soft Pouches.

The reduction in road glare is incredible with the France1. What's great is that the frames, (Tortoise Shell & Glossy Black) are so light-weight and fitted with a wrap-around configuration that keeps both wind, road debris and sun completely out. I often train on rural roads with lots of dust kicking up so sport-glasses like these are essential.

So far I've been cycling, running, skateboarding and inline skating in the France1 and the fit is perfect. No matter what the activity, the lenses stay in place. The France1 Dual Kit is just as at home for activities like golf, tennis, running and volleyball. Both frames have comfortable, adjustable nose and ear pieces.  Out of the box, I've not had to adjust them at all.  Given us women have smaller faces than the men, you can see these glasses do not over-power me.  Perfect!

Both frames, lenses and soft pouches store securely in this hard shell, padded case.

The France1 Dual Kit is fully Rx-able so you can plug in your own eyeglass prescription as needed.  There are also optional Polarized lenses and Polarized readers available to fit these frames. Custom optics that come in at a very comfortable price point. The list price is only $259.00.  We will be testing out these XX2i frames even more in preparation for the Rapha Women's 100 coming up in July.  However the first glance tells me these are sport-worthy with no compromise in style or quality. In other words, these shades are HOT!

XX2i Optics NEW France1 eye wear and Dual Kit Case

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