Saturday, October 6, 2012

Natural Foot Pain Relief

Topricin Foot Cream & Footsie
This is the time of year that calls for warmer footwear and socks instead of the sandals we've been wearing over the summer.  The only problem is, having your feet under wraps so to speak, during physical activities such as running, walking, skating or skiing causes sweat, bacteria, fungi and odor to build up.  Not a good thing.  Yeast and bacteria are almost always present on the skin but you only need: heat, warmth, moisture and darkness to see them multiply.

Athlete's Foot
Fungi, such as that which causes Athlete's Foot can cause itching, redness and in severe cases, a breakdown of the outer skin layers.

Natural Solutions
Before you reach for those OTC Athlete's Foot creams or sprays, consider a natural alternative:
Tea Tree Oil or Melaleuca alternifolia

This all natural essential oil is effective against bacteria, yeast and fungi.
Merino Wool Cushioned Socks by Bluey

How to Use:
Add 4-8 drops of Tea Tree Oil to an 8 oz Spray Mister filled with water. Remember that moisture makes the problem worse so spritz your feet and socks with the Tea Tree Oil Spray and let them dry a bit before putting your athletic shoes on.

Consider Wearing Merino W
ool Socks:
I especially like these women's Urban Fine Cushion Socks from Bluey Australia. Wool has a natural wicking action that draws moisture away from your feet, allowing them to stay warmer but dryer.  I wear Merino wool socks in my hiking boots and seldom have a moisture problem. The Cushioned Socks shown here have extra loft on the soles so they are more comfortable for hiking because they keep air circulating in the boot.  Spraying your feet, boots and socks with the Tea Tree Oil Mister will help keep them fresher and resistant to bacteria, yeast and fungus growth.

Painful Feet
I think you know to make sure your shoes fit properly but many of us women still equate foot size to beauty or something.  I ski and skate so I know that a proper fitting boot is integral to a good performance on the snow or ice surface.  Still, even with the best fitting footwear, my feet are sometimes "maxed out" being on the slopes all day or skating for several hours at a time.

If this sounds like you, try to:

Take a break after an hour or so and completely remove your footwear.

Stretch and flex your ankles and toes.

Apply some pain cream to your feet/ankles, (I keep a tube of Topricin Foot Cream in my ski and skate bags).

Once you get home, you can opt for the full Epsom Salt tub soak if you wish.  Another treat is using the Ma-Roller Footsie pictured in the lead photo. You simply roll your foot over it perpendicular to the grooves.  It is based on the art of triggering your Reflexology pressure points but is just really feels fantastic!
Topricin's Foot Retreat Gift Bag, perfect for you or someone you know with sore feet.


  1. Thank you! Our feet are very important so it's best to keep them healthy and comfortable.


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