Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bike to School-Back to School

Taking the NYC Bike Path: Students can take advantage of the early fall weather to bicycle to school.
While it's officially the end of summer, September also marks when school is back in session.  We often get a few weeks of warm weather that many call Indian Summer that makes bicycling to school quite appealing.  If your child's school or college campus has bicycle racks you're in!  Even so, here are a few essentials for your child's bike to school commute:

Detour's Sodo Front Bag - Schwinn Solitaire
Check List of Bicycle to School Gear:

Easy to work lock with key or combination

Cool bicycle helmet (let THEM pick it out)

LED Head & Tail Lights for the Bicycle

Detachable Front Bag and or Panniers for Books & Lunch

A Comfortable Bicycle (Schwinn Hybrids are hot now)

A Bell or Horn

Thermal Water Bottle (Polar Bottle comes in lots of designs)

Pants clip to cinch up the right leg if there's no chain guard 

Ride in With Your Child
Depending on many factors: distance, bicycle lane accessibility, morning traffic and your child's age, you may choose to ride along with them to school.  This is a great time to get in some early morning exercise for yourself while setting an example of fitness for your child.  Trust me, they take note of this!  If you get out there, they will too.  Teach your young-un to do a brief check over of tires, brakes, etc. and hit the road.

Basil Panniers are sturdy and hold a lot for school

Your child may like a neon colored lid like this Lazer Helium.

Healthier Lifestyle Choices
Childhood obesity is on the rise and for the first time we are seeing even pre-teens with adult onset or Type II diabetes.  You may not be able to change everyone else but you can change how you and your family live.  Top off this healthy life style by packing them a super lunch.  Bicycling burns serious calories and you may find your child to be very appreciative of nutritious menus without much whining.  Cycling has that effect on picky eaters.

Be sure to pack a healthy lunch & snacks...your child will need it!
Check with your local school system as some have received special materials or grants to assist children in bicycling to school.  If your child or you are in college, look for help at the student center or commuter center which may have special programs to assist your ride in and around campus.  I road a bicycle when I attended college and put off getting a car until well after I was no longer on campus.  I had only $200 in student loans which I immediately paid off without much difficulty.  

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