Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Fall Cycle Gear: Smartwool HyFi Warmers

Fall Cycling: Smartwool Merino Wool Arm Warmers. Bicycle: Terry Symmetry

Fall scenery from my INOU Bicycle Camera by CatEye
Fall is just around the corner and before you know it, you'll be transitioning into warmer cycle wear.  You know how it goes. You're a bit chilly in the morning but once you get going, you're warmed up enough to want to shed a few layers.

You can actually stretch your cycling wardrobe by simply adding arm and leg warmers to your kit.  This really works well especially early in the season when it's not that cold yet. The temperature and you will most likely warm up by mid-day so you'll be looking to take off your warmers. 

Hot for Fall 2012 - Smartwool HyFi Arm, Knee & Leg Warmers

Ditch the Itch
If just the idea of wearing wool next to your skin makes you itch, Smartwool is for YOU!  I'm very sensitive and Smartwool baselayers and socks are the only Merino wool products I've found that can be worn right next to my skin.

Pro Style
Smartwool Knee Warmers & Giordana Bib Shorts
This season, Smartwool has come out with these new HyFi pro-styled wool arm, leg and knee warmers. They remind me of the elegant black pieces worn by cycling teams like Giordana in Italy and perform like the best technical materials out there. The Smartwool logo is in reflective white and they have a slightly tapered fit. Flatlock seams means no imprints and silicone strips at the top keep them from slipping. No digging or binding, these warmers stay in place without restricting movement or circulation.

Wool Wicks 
What you'll find is wool is unbeatable for its high wicking ability so that means you stay much more comfortable during your ride. As you heat up, perspiration and moisture evaporate through the micro-pores of the wool knit.  Wool itself is a polymer and has the unique ability to remain warm even when soaking wet.  These warmers will also work well for running, hiking and other outdoor athletic activities.

Leg Warmers
Smartwool's HyFi Leg Warmers are also very smartly designed as they have flat lock seams and articulated knees for ease of movement. Like the arm and knee warmers they have a silicone strip at the top to keep them in place.  What I really like about the leg warmers is the cool ankle zippers and reflective accents for added nighttime visibility.  Keep in mind that warm muscles perform more efficiently so if your legs are talking to you, try telling them to "shut up" with a set of quality warmers!

Roll Them Up
I think the best part about these wool warmers is that they are made of a very compact knit. The fabric is non-bulky so once you are beyond the chill, you can simply take them off.  They are thin enough to roll up and put in the rear pocket of your jersey or bicycle bag.  Don't let the thinness fool you though.  These are toasty warm but allow air to flow through, reducing excess heat and perspiration.

The HyFi's are machine washable (I use Sport Wash) but for best results it is recommended that you launder them inside out and flat/line dry.  These new Smartwool HyFi Arm, Leg & Knee Warmers are available August 2012 in black - sizes Small through X-Large.  These are SO chic & comfy, they will compliment nearly any cycling kit or running outfit.

Smartwool HyFi Arm & Knee Warmers with Safety Smartwear's Milan San Remo Kit

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