Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gore Bike Wear: Countdown AS Lady Vest REVIEW

Transitioning into fall: Gore Bike Wear's Countdown AS Lady Vest & Oxygen Lady FZ Jersey & Power Lady Tights. Cycle Helmet: Rudy Project Sterling.

Think of fall as your second spring! Cycling, walking, running are all much more comfortable over the blazing hot summer we've had.  The trick is not to become overheated.  Highly technical pieces such as Gore Bike Wear's Countdown AS Lady Vest offer WINDSTOPPER® technology where you need it.  However, if you are like me and sweat, you'll appreciate the cooling mesh panels on both the Oxygen Lady FZ Jersey and the Countdown AS Lady Vest.  I added a set Smartwool's NEW HyFi arm and knee warmers to stretch the wearing season of the jersey and Power Lady Tights shorts +.

Cut the Chill But Don't Sweat It
WINDSTOPPER® Active Shells are the lightest, most packable garments offering total windproofness, maximum breathability and water resistance. WINDSTOPPER® Active Shells keep you comfortable for enhanced performance during highly aerobic activities.
You can see the large mesh panel on the back of the vest.  This is right where moisture tends to build up leaving you sticky and uncomfortable. Countdown AS Lady's got you covered though.
Here are some of the main vest features:

  • 2 front pockets with concealed zip
  • Reflective piping on front and back
  • Abrasion-resistant binding on armhole
  • Shifted seams for less chafing
  • Mesh insert in back for optimum ventilation
  • Ergonomically shaped collar
  • Reflective logo on front and back

Easy Transitions
A vest is often a bit easier to remove once the day heats up.  If you are on the road, the last thing you need is to be fighting with your cycle clothing!

The Countdown AS Lady Vest has a flattering slim fit but the armholes have piping and are not too tight allowing you to drop the vest off your shoulders as you see here.

The two invisible zippered front pockets allow you to stash your favorite cycle cap and the inner mesh lining keeps the fabric cool and ventilated against your skin.  No sticking or clinging.  Same thing can be said for the Oxygen Lady FZ Jersey I'm wearing underneath. The middle rear of the jersey has a large sculpted mesh panel, three open rear pockets and a concealed zippered pouch.  FZ stands for full zip so this jersey is easy to vent also.

Stow it Away
Most road bicycles are not cluttered with bags and panniers so having a place to stow an extra jacket is more of a problem.  No worries. The Countdown AS Lady Vest is amazingly light and packable.

Simply roll it up any way you want and stuff it into your jersey's rear open pocket.  That's it!  This vest can serve as minimum rain protection as it water resistant.  My arm warmers are by Smartwool and made of high quality Merino wool which is likewise naturally water resistant. Like the vest, they easily pack away.

These Smartwool arm & knee warmers all work well with the Gore Bike Wear pieces we have.  They give you a smooth line under your jersey and shorts while allowing you to wear your favorite tights a bit longer into the season.

Gore Bike Wear's Countdown AS Lady Vest and Signature Cycle Cap.


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  2. Hi FG,

    Thank you (I think)! No really, we hope to improve our content with each blog post.

    How we endeavor to set ourselves apart from the pack is:

    1) We personally test EVERYTHING you see reviewed on this blog.

    2) We include our own photography / videos of the gear without relying on manufacturer's stock photos alone.

    3) Our reviews are 100% honest and objective. We do not get paid to promote any brand or item over another. I simply call it as I see it.

    Since that has been our policy since forever, I'm not sure that I can speak to or agree with having more creativity and originality. That's not our main focus but your compliment is all the same appreciated.


    Dr. M.

  3. I like the, It is both fashionable as well as protects you. There are some pieces of clothing, which are the basic for a cyclist.


    1. I agree jeksports,

      Versatile pieces of outer-wear like this Countdown AS Lady Vest are easy to pack but can be worn as everyday urban clothing too.

      I think we are seeing more and more the blurring of the line between athletic clothing and street wear. It makes no sense to buy separate exercise clothing with cool pieces like these around.

      Thanks for stopping in!

      Dr. M