Monday, April 2, 2012

Ribzwear Front Pack

Ribz Front Pack stowed neatly in its own compact sack.
Two of the main issues with day packing and hiking is packing too much and then not being able to access what you've packed without taking the pack off.  Sometimes you just want the lightest pack possible because you've made plans to leave most of your gear in the car or at base camp.

When first I saw the Ribz Front Pack, I knew they were definitely on to something.  Not only did the size insure that you'd only bring the essentials (similar to a lumbar pack), but the positioning of the zippered pockets up front was revolutionary.  I've hiked the NJ Pine Barrens with the small sized Ribz and had full access to my binoculars, camera, snacks and water bottle (clipped on by a carabiner).  Other hikers commented & complimented me on my packing gear and I was much more comfortable on the trek than the others.  I also enjoyed the hike more because I could quickly get out my camera and binoculars when I needed them.

The Ribz Front Pack can be worn by itself or with a traditional backpack.  I've used it both ways and it was very comfortable, allowing quick access to things I needed along the way like that Clif Bar!  The big zippered compartment pouches are next to the body with a smaller outside zippered bag.  I stow my tissues, Mission Skin Care SPF 15 Lip Balmer, an Ultralight Watertight Medical Kit .3 and other comfort essentials in the larger sectioned part.  My camera and cell phone go in the outer pockets.
You can tighten the padded straps to hold the pack close to the "ribz" when doing activities or loosen them for more casual hiking.  Having the straps loose allows for better air circulation, thus lessening sweat.

Packing Your RIBZ

Here is the Ribz folded down into it's sack which is about the size of a coffee bean bag.
Shown here being worn with a backpack, it allows you to balance the weight of your gear more evenly.  My digital compass easily clips on the straps so I can take frequent readings.  

This First Aid kit is the perfect size for the Ribz Pack

First Aid First
I definitely would recommend taking along a small first aid kit.  No matter how light you're packing, always make room for possible medical emergencies.

The Ultralight Watertight Medical Kit .3 by Adventure Medical Kits is small but very complete and waterproof should you be fly fishing, boating or trekking across streams of water.  Having it in the Ribz Front Pack will give you quick and easy access to first aid in case of an emergency.  Seconds are important and you don't want to waste precious time rooting through your pack.

Fired Up
Along with a small, waterproof first aid kit, you'll also want to have a good, dependable fire starter along.  I have a whole survival package that contains Adventure Medical Kit's SOL Origin, a small container of Vaseline petroleum jelly and an Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter.  The ability to build a fire is one of the essentials of survival and the Aurora is small and light enough to fit easily in the Ribz Front Pack.  Use it to build a fire to cook, dry your clothing or keep warm. Use it to boil water to make it safe for drinking, (the Origin comes with a piece of aluminum foil for just that purpose).  You can see in the video below that the Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter is extremely easy to use.  The rubber sealing band keeps water out and this type of fire starter works even in wet conditions.  Weighs only 1/10 th of a pound so there is no reason not to have one on you.  Really this is one piece of gear in your Ribz that could save your life. 


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