Thursday, March 29, 2012

Natural Pain Relief

Curamin, a safe yet effective alternative to NSAIDs like Celebrex.
One thing every athlete faces is pain.  After a hard workout, you can almost expect sore muscles and sometimes even joints. We've all learned the RICE method.  You know the drill: rest, ice, compression and elevation.  You also know that the earlier this is implemented, the better you'll do at controlling inflammation.  Still, what if you could head off the episode by having inflammation under control before the event?

The truth is, oxidative stress and inflammation account for nearly 90% of all diseases including but not limited to coronary aliments, cancer and arthritis.  This is basically how NSAIDs or non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs work, (i.e. Celebrex or Celecoxib, Aspirin, Ibuprofen), by inhibiting compounds that cause swelling called prostagladins but at a price. Prolonged use of NSAIDs have been found to cause heart as well as kidney damage and stomach upset due to internal bleeding .

Safe and Effective Solutions

I can speak from experience when I say that cross training stresses your body tremendously.  My doctor prescribed a variety of NSAIDs but I would never stay on them due to fear of side effects.  I found Celebrex worked best out of the medications but once again, I would not take it for more than 3-4 days.
While researching natural inflammation suppressors, I came across Terry Naturally's Curamin and found the literature compelling.  I knew about the anti-inflammatory benefits of rhizomes like Ginger and Turmeric (found in curry), but also know you'd have to eat a truck load to receive any therapeutic benefit. Curamin is formulated to make the plant isolate, curcumin more concentrated and bioavailable...up to ten times more so than standard 95% curcumin extracts.  Looking at it from a pharmaceutical standpoint as far as supplements go, bioavailability is everything so I was excited to see it packaged in capsule form.

Celebrex vs Curamin

My previous experience with Celebrex showed that nearly all of my aches and pains would be gone after taking it for about three days.  I tried Curamin at 3 capsules a day, and surprisingly noticed pain relief in about the same amount of time.  Unlike the Celebrex, however, there are no side effects even if taken on an empty stomach, (something you should NEVER do with a NSAID)!  I also sleep better without waking up constantly due to stiffness after working out.  If I've really overdone it I topically apply Mission Skincare's Maximum Muscle Rehab. If I've had an injury or sprain, I combine the Curamin with a Rainbow Light PhytoKinetic Calcium or open the capsule into some juice and add a packet of Totally Calcium powder. Even just taking two capsules of Curamin daily has given me benefits of less stiffness and recovering more as I did when I was younger.

More Than Just Pain Relief

The benefits of Curamin go above and beyond just pain relief.  The active compound in Curamin, namely BCM-95 is a powerful antioxidant benefiting the heart, digestive system and brain.  It is also indicated in normalizing blood sugar and the suppression of cancer cells.  It is rare to find a product that is safe yet effective and improves your health in other areas.  If you have arthritis, joint or muscle pain, I recommend that you give Curamin a try.  It can make a huge difference in your ability to perform and recover..safely.  If you'd like to learn more about food, herb and drug interactions / side effects please reference my book: How Not to Kill Yourself With Deadly Interactions  - Xlibris

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