Monday, March 12, 2012

The FIXX Road ID

Wearing my Road ID is second nature, just like wearing my helmet.  Helmet & Eye wear: Rudy Project - Jersey: Rudy Project Team Racing, Road Bike: Terry Symmetry
We never really want to think about it but accidents do happen.  It seems for years I have attached a paper label inside my cycling helmet with my contact information.  Thank God I've never had to use it but in the event of an accident sometimes your helmet is removed or gets somehow separated along with your bicycle and other gear.  Well, I finally got serious and checked out Road ID.

Road ID is a family run company that specializes in safety-identification wear for cross trainers and athletes.  Really anyone who spends time outdoors such as runners, cyclists, backpackers etc. can benefit from having a Road ID on board.  The Road ID comes as a wrist, ankle band or shoe pouch but
I chose The FIXX (named in honor of Jim Fixx) which are the "dog tags" you see here.  There is plenty of room for your immediate contact and medical information.  If you choose the Road ID Interactive Version, you can add an online database of accessible information.  This is a subscription service and will cost about $10 a year to maintain but might be worth it if you have severe medical conditions or drug protocols/allergies first responders and paramedics should know about.
Whichever model you choose, you are able to have all of your data right there to contact loved ones and/or inform others of specific medical issues such as being diabetic.

Always bring along water as dehydration can cause fainting
Road ID Speaks for You
We may think of awful traumatic accidents but heat stroke, dehydration, low blood sugar or even exhaustion can cause you to temporarily pass out.  Then what?  Road ID speaks for you when you can't speak for yourself.  I have my name, hometown, 3 contact numbers, my medical insurance company and ID number all on one side.  On the reverse I have a scripture, Hebrews 12:1-2, or you can add a graphic from their database.
I ordered the additional Silencer which is a rubber ring that goes around The FIXX to keep it from clanging against other jewelry when running or jogging. You can order The Silencer in various colors but I picked clear.  The FIXX itself is made of stainless steel and cleans up easily.  Sweat and oil won't effect it.  There really is NO reason to be on the road without one.  The cost?  Between $25-$28 dollars depending on the accessories you may want.  That's quite a deal for peace of mind on the road.  Buy a Road ID gift card and give it to your favorite cross trainer.

My Road ID's reverse side has one of my favorite scriptures inscribed.  It's who I am.

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