Friday, February 17, 2012

The Sixer Travel Cooler by Mountainsmith Review

The Sixer fully loaded!

Now that we are getting some warmer weather, (heck, the whole winter has been pretty mild), one tends to think of venturing out for a cycling tour or backpacking adventure.  Keeping your food and drinks fresh and cool is going to be more of a challenge as spring approaches.  As the days lengthen and warm up, that sandwich you packed this morning may actually be a "bit off" by the time you stop for lunch. 

So in the interest of good eating and keeping it fresh we took a look at Mountainsmith's new packable cooler, The Sixer.  Believe me, there is a LOT to look at in this bag.  This insulated cooler is built with all of the rugged features you'd expect of mountain backpacking gear but is incredibly light weighing only .80 oz. 

The Sixer holds a six pack of Samuel Adams AND my StayFit Lunch 2 Go with room to spare.  Everything stayed cool for several hours.
What surprised me though is that The Sixer fit a full six pack of 12oz glass bottles PLUS my StayFit E-Z Freeze Lunch 2 Go container.  There was plenty of room for ice, a gel pack and energy bar as well.  Here are The Sixer's Features:

  • D-ring attachment points for optional shoulder strap
  • Reinforced haul handle
  • Clear label sleeve
  • Zippered lid
  • Front elastic rigging to hold a shirt, towel, etc.
  • Mountainsmith Bottle opener is included that works!

The shoulder strap included with the bag is very comfortable for carrying but this bag is also designed to work with Mountainsmith's color coordinated Travel Storage Series.  Without the six pack of bottles, The Sixer fit inside my AngleTech panniers which are quite narrow.  However for larger camping/touring saddlebags the cooler will most likely fit fully loaded.

One thing you don't want while mountain biking or backpacking is for your food to go bad in the sun's heat. You may not be able to taste it but food spoilage is a very serious situation.  It can put an abrupt end to an otherwise great day out.  Keep it cool out there with proper food storage accessories like these.  The Sixer is available at Walmart & online at Amazon for between $16-$20.  See more Mountainsmith gear their website.

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