Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ice Capades

Dr. M as she appeared in More Magazine's Dec-Jan issue-"The Gift I Gave Myself"
I can remember the first pair of Rollerblades, (the real brand) I strapped on.  So comfortable!  I was immediately able to skate backwards, something I never quite mastered in quad skates.  My memories then darted back to the old pair of men's ice skates we had hanging in my childhood home's back hall.  It also made me think of the skating rink in the park under the beautiful moonlight.  We would go sleigh riding at night but I always wanted to try ice skating on that pond.

I knew these inline skates could lead to something.  Ice skating!  A skill I had longed to master, even day dreamed about.  I finally decided to make it happen by taking skating classes with my youngest daughter at a local roller rink.  After about a year of classes, I enrolled us in ice skating classes.  My daughter went on to also take ballet class and compete under the USFSA.  I performed with her in skating shows and went to her competitions.  
More Magazine in New York City later contacted me about being featured in a story.  The lead photo was shot at Westchester Skating Academy not too far from Sleepy Hollow, NY and I appeared on national television skating on the CBS Early Show linked here:

Skating Safe Spine Protectors
Skating, both inline and ice skating has opened up a world of joy, fitness and new acquaintances over the years.  I can count friends from The Ice Theatre of New York and readers of my column - Suite 101's Figure Skating Guide.  I have even taught Artistic Inline Skating classes through my local county park system as a certified instructor.  If you have always wanted to learn how to skate, check out classes at your local rink and sign up.  It tones you like crazy as your endurance and speed increase.  There many types of padding to protect you in case of falls such as Skating Safe's Crash Pads Spine Protectors that go under your leggings.
There are also new comfortably padded heat moldable boots that give you and instant perfect fit thus lessening your break in time.  No excuses!  If I can do it, anyone can.  See you out there this winter!  Be sure to enter to win the Holiday Polar Bottle Giveaway before MIDNIGHT December 19th, 2011
My freestyle ice skating boots- Graf Edmonton Specials

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