Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cross Training Super Foods

Stronger Faster Healthier offers a new twist on an old training table favorite.  Chocolate, vanilla, mint, tangerine & lemon flavored fish oils.

There is so much confusion over carbs, fats and gluten these days that most of us in training may tend to under eat.  Nothing is worse than bonking on a hill.  Your legs go dead and you know you've just run out of gas.  If you are like me, a heavy breakfast before hitting the trail doesn't appeal much either.  You end up feeling slowed down which isn't good.  Not a problem though.  I've found that by downing a high protein smoothie with a bit of Chobani Greek Yogurt, some strawberries, a teaspoon of SFH SO3 Omega 3-Tangerine Fish Oil and Rainbow Light Protein Energizer, I'm good to go and can do quite well on my morning walk, bike ride or run. 

If you think the added fish oil will ruin the shake, think again.  Stronger Healthier Faster's flavored Fish Oils are made from sardines and anchovies but is surprisingly NOT fishy at all.  In fact their Chocolate Fish Oil is the only such product our resident teenage athlete will take.  Mixing the Fish Oil with a little fat found in the shake emulsifies it, making it easy to digest.  It's concentrated so you don't need much.  Two teaspoons will deliver between 2700 - 5400mgs of of EPA and DHA which is very important for your immune system and to head off post exercise inflammation.  Added bonus?  Less colds and incredibly moist, glowing skin!  Here's the full list of cross training super stars:

Training Table Super Foods:

Dried Plums (aka prunes).  Loaded with even more nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants than blueberries, these dried fruit powerhouses are easy to take along individually wrapped or blended in your smoothie.

Ginger (Dried)  A little goes a long way and the anti inflammatory qualities of ginger make it a perfect recovery snack.  Try the dried pieces alone or added to a little trail mix.

Super Blue Green Algae One of the best natural supplements for alkalizing the blood.  High acidity is deleterious to your body's tissues and can exacerbate inflammation.  The high amount of natural chlorophyll has the added benefit of helping you to smell fresher after your workouts.   Dosage: 1 teaspoon per day of Klamath Valley Super Blue Green Algae dissolved in water or juice.

Mushrooms One can go from an exotic Shitake to the common button mushroom.  Nearly all mycelium contain the same natural  immune system boosters.  I use fresh raw and marinated mushrooms on salads, in omelettes and in place of pickles.  Rainbow Light makes a super Mushroom Therapy Cellular Defense supplement with Organic Mushrooms but for me eating them whole is half the fun.

Turmeric  This savory seasoning is what gives Indian Curry it's authentic kick.  Turmeric is a rhizome related to ginger and known as a powerful anti inflammatory.   Add a dash to your eggs or if you are not fond of the flavor, try Terry Naturally's Curamin  which contains a super-absorbable BCM-95 that can be up to 10 times stronger than plain turmeric isolate products.  Curamin and other ingredients in the formula such as the enzyme, nattokinase, not only boosts healthy circulation, it has a direct impact on muscle pain and helps quell discomfort from injuries and arthritis.  Dosage: 3 capsules per day.  You should notice a major decrease in muscle and joint stiffness/pain after using this product for 5 days.  It works!

Fish Liver Oil  Perhaps you have childhood memories of taking cod liver oil in the wintertime.  Unless you are eating loads of salmon, mackerel and sardines, you probably  need to supplement.  Fish Liver Oil is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, DHA & EFA's and newer formulas such as SFH's have even conquered the fishy taste issue.  See more information on SFH Super Omega 3 Fish Oil above or click this link to visit their website.

Organic Multi Vitamin & Mineral Capsules A good whole food based, organic multi vitamin until now has been a bit hard to find.  Even harder is to find one packaged in an environmentally responsible way in capsule form.  The ones I personally take and recommend are  Rainbow Light's Women's Organic Multi Vitamins.
Two piece gelatin caps allows the contents to easily break down.  This formulation contains enzymes to aid in complete absorption. No stomach upsets with these.  Dosage: 4 capsules per day with meals.

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