Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Rock Bike Month

Polar Bottle & Chocolate #9
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Lumpkin Cycle Works Birmingham Panniers
We are SO excited about National Bike Month 2011!  Cycling is one of our favorite cross training activities but during the month of May, we're going to take it to a whole new level.  With gas prices going through the roof, now might be a good time to think about using your bike for more than just exercise.

When someone tells me that they get up early and then drive to an air conditioned gym for spinning classes, I have to think, "What?"   How about this for an alternative:  Get a real bicycle, get up early and bike your errands for the day.  In the time you've spent in transit to and from the gym plus working out you could have ridden at least 7 miles or more and that's going really slow!  Trust me, you can do this.

With a few added pieces of gear such as a CatEye Commuter Wireless Cycle Computer, Double Shot Headlight and Lumpkin Cycle Works slick Faux Alligator Panniers in burgundy shown here, you can turn your bike into a lean green commuting machine!  Better still, you'll look GOOD doing it.

Most American's use their cars for errands & distances under 5 miles.  Really, you can bike that quite easily and with the right gear, you can do a lot more with your bicycle than just tool around.   CatEye's Commuter Wireless cycle computer gives you the usual essentials plus ETA, time, date and temperature.  It is so easy to operate and access data while in the saddle.  With an ETA reading, you'll know your progress on your morning commute to work or when running an errand.  It is estimated that for every 2 miles you bike, you can save about 2 dollars in gas.  As prices rise, that amount will rise as well.

Afraid of arriving in Spandex?  Say no more.  Smartwool's Channing Jersey is very chic.  I biked to a social event in it and had my picture taken numerous times.  No one even knew it was a cycle jersey!  I was totally comfortable too.   Terry Bicycles has a new Urban Collection that will rock your socks!  Terry's cycle clothes look good enough to stop off at the market or go to lunch.  What about a trip to the library or stopping at the mall?  How about a picnic at the park or the beach?  Put panniers on your bike, a skort on your bum and all of this is within reach.  Do it for yourself and the environment.

Coaster Skort & Tee from Terry's Urban Collection
Be sure to look for our upcoming video this summer with cross trainers who use the NYC Bike Path!

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