Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cool Morning Workouts

Rainy, cold mornings?  Pfftt!  GORE Phantom SO Lady Gloves, Smartwool's Microweight Baselayer and Exofficio's Rain Logic Jacket have got it all covered!

No matter what the calendar says in many areas the weather is already turning quite chilly, especially early in the morning.  It is also still very dark!  Training in the morning is recommended because doing so, you have less traffic and pollution to deal with.  Most of us know that if we can get up early and get our road work done, we have a better chance of staying on course.  The later you wait, the less chance there is that you'll make time to exercise later in the day.  So what do you do?  Use some common sense to keep comfy and safe out there:

GORE Phantom SO Lady Gloves
Keep Your Hands Warm

This is a major problem for early morning excursions.  While you don't need fur-lined mittens at this point, you do want them to stay warm and comfortable.  GORE BIKE WEAR's Phantom SO Lady Gloves are perfect for morning rides or walks when you need just enough coverage to keep you going.  They are soft lined and made with their Windstopper TM fabric that knows how to ward off harsh winds but has an amazing wicking action to keep your hands dry.

Hop on your bike and you'll appreciate the inner forehand's foam padding and terry insert on the thumb for wiping away perspiration.  The reflective logo on the ring fingers give you extra visibility in low light conditions.  You can do a lot more than just bike with these gloves and for cross training, you're ready to ride after your walk.

GORE Facewarmer, wool hat by TurtleFur

Keep Your Face Warm
This is incredibly important for both your facial skin and lungs especially when cycling.  If you add the windspeed to the speed you are going on a bike, you'll find yourself sustaining a much colder "feel".  This can lead to red, chapped skin that has been over exposed and dry.  The best way to combat that is to use a light scarf or this  GORE BIKE WEAR Facewarmer.  I prefer the Facewarmer to a scarf because there's no bulk and it stays in place during vigorous activity.  So lightweight but does an excellent job of keeping the chill and rain off.
Smartwool's Microweight Baselayer in Lavender
The GORE BIKE WEAR Facewarmer has an opening for the nose with additional holes for your mouth.  It is completely windproof but does not induce sweating or vapor buildup.  The reflective logo is but another layer of visibility on the road.  I'm also wearing a 100% wool cap by Turtlefur and an all Merino wool Microweight Baselayer Zip-T by Smartwool.   Both the cap and the shirt keep you warm while allowing perspiration to wick away from your skin.  Smartwool's Baselayer has a handy zippered neck, giving you the option of increasing ventilation to your skin as you warm up.  Wool also naturally repels water so it is perfect to pair up with my ExOfficio Rain Logic Jacket.
See the Light

CatEye's NEW Tora Outdoor Light
CatEye's performance outdoor light designed for athletes and cross trainers. The four LED's offer a wide array of lighting options. With up to 700 candle power the super bright head lamp works great for fast cross-country runs under tree cover. It also provides extra illumination on your bike.  The small .5 watt LED's offer what is needed in a low power light for map reading and close-up applications.
  • Locking Magnetic Switch
  • 1-watt LED OptiCube™ lens for brightness
  • 3X 5mm LED’s for broader or close up viewing
  • Shock and water-resistant
  • Battery check function
  • 4 modes

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