Thursday, March 31, 2011

Renew Your Shoes

In need of a fresh step?  Fast, easy tips on getting your running, hiking & cycle shoes looking & smelling like new!

BEFORE - Loosen shoelaces 

AFTER - Rinse & Air Dry
We're preparing for spring by checking our technical gear. If your shoes still offer good support but are only soiled, here are some tips to bring them back to looking and even smelling new!

1.) Get an old toothbrush and hand towel ready. That's all the equipment you'll need.

Untie the laces and expose as much of the tongue as needs cleaning. Brush off any loose dirt and debris.

Next shake the bottle of Shoe & Boot Foaming Cleaner and apply directly to your shoes. This product is made for both fabric and leather shoes and boots or a combination of both.

Use your old toothbrush to gently work the foam in.

Turn your shoes upside down and rinse with cool water.

Air dry on a cotton towel.  Since no soaking was required, your shoes will dry very quickly without having to use a clothes dryer.  Great for leather hiking boots that can't tolerate heat drying. 

I would also recommend Sno-Seal's Shoe Care Value Pack which contains not only the Shoe & Boot Foaming Cleaner but their Water Repellent and Deodorizing Powder products as well.  I've used all three on my Sperry Topsider running and Pearl Izumi cycling shoes and the water repellent is amazing.  It's a triple play to keep your footwear in top shape!
Atsko's Shoe Care Value Pack has everything you need to clean, freshen and protect your footwear.

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