Thursday, April 28, 2011

CatEye Uno Headlight

CatEye's Uno Headlight mounted on my Terry Symmetry

May is National Bike Month so with many people starting to commute by bike, now is the time to think about lighting.  If you haven't shopped for one in a while, now is the time to start looking into some of the newer, brighter ideas in bicycle lighting.  Gone are the days of those big, bulky headlights too. Most state laws require that you have a working headlight and red rear reflectors for night riding.  With so many great choices, there is no need to get pulled over, (or run over), for not having a headlight.  Sad to say I see so many bicyclists riding around at night without a headlight or it's so old and dim, they are not easily seen.   The Uno is sleek and sweet and can work for your daily commute in flashing mode or if you need an emergency light should you get caught after sunset.

This light has evolved from a unit with multiple batteries and LEDs to a significantly smaller, highly efficient light. Uno. One battery. One LED. One VERY bright headlight that can be seen for well over a mile.
CatEye Uno Features
400+ candlepower
OptiCube™ lens technology
Flashing and constant modes
60 hours run time in flashing mode
15 hours run time in constant mode
Runs on 1 AA battery (included)
FlexTight™ Mounting bracket
Water resistant

CatEye Uno comes in black & white
What I especially like about CatEye lights is that they are so easy to mount with just your own two hands.  Forget about the phillips head.  This light also can be unlocked from the mounting bracket and used off of the bicycle.  This is really quite handy should you drop something and have to go back and search for it.  Simply press the locking lever and slide the Uno out of the bracket.  Now you've got one powerful little flashlight.

One of the best uses of the Uno in flashing mode is for daily riding.  Even in daylight, you can see this thing flashing from almost mile away.  Anything that you can do to increase your visibility on the road is going to help.  The Uno is a major boost in that direction and if you live in the city where there is at least some light, this will be sufficient enough to get you home.

No, we won't recommend that you use it on pitch black mountain bike trails at night but for its size and convenience, it is a very good choice, especially if you have limited space on your handlebars.  I have Aero bars and a bell on my Terry and this little light is the only one that fits in the small space I have left.  As with nearly all of the new CatEye bicycle lights made now, you have to press and hold the switch in to change from on - flashing - steady - off.  It takes a little getting used to but I think it is an improvement on the issues some CatEye switches have had in the past.  Like all of the CatEye bicycle lights we've tested, the Uno comes complete with batteries so it's ready to use right out of the box and mounts with no tools.

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