Thursday, March 3, 2011

Transitional Cyclewear

Smartwool Blueprint patterned Cycling Socks, Arm & Knee Warmers, Cycle Cap by Gore Bike-Wear

According to Punxsutawny Phil, we can expect an early spring this year. Personally,  I think the groundhog knows his stuff!   It may still be winter on the calendar but there are days that are just about warm enough to jump on your bike or take a bold stroll.  There's no need to waste these precious days indoors!  You can easily and comfortably move into late winter, early spring X-Training with the right accessories.

When cycling your arms and hands are often the first to get cold.  Basically they're just along for the ride and unlike your legs, aren't generating much heat.  If you don't wear cycling gloves, you might want to rethink that for cooler weather.  Depending on the temps, you can choose full fingered or half fingered cycling gloves such as myLeather Pittards by Pearl Izumi.  They will protect your hands from road vibrations while keeping them comfortably warm.

Likewise arm and knee warmers are a must on cooler mornings.  These shown here are by Smartwool and are made of super soft, non itchy Merino 
Wool.  They can turn any short sleeved cycling jersey into a warmer long sleeved 

version!  These really extend your cycling wardrobe. During the ride, if it gets warmer, you can take them off and stuff them in your trunk or panniers.  That's something you can't do with a long sleeved cycling jersey.  The Blueprint pattern on the Smartwool set is really beautiful so you'll find uses for them for jogging and hiking too.

Pearl Izumi's full length cycle tights
If you are like me, there are certain tops & cycling chamois you just love to ride in such as Pearl Izumi's Women's Elite Thermal Cycle Tights shown here.  These have zippered ankles allowing you to easily get your cycling shoes on and off.   Full length tights such as these are excellent for temps down to 50 degrees, have a built in chamois, 8 panel construction and flat lock seams. If you still prefer wearing your cycle shorts, pair them up with Smartwool's knee warmers.  That way you can get more wear time out of your cycling kit.  Add some full length cycling gloves and enjoy the ride!

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