Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Fresh Start to Spring Cycling

ExOfficio's Soft Lace Bikini & Thong - something between you & your chamois!

Sport -Wash products by Atsko
Now that you are stoked for the cycling season, (o.k. at least I am), this is a good time to refresh or replace if needed your riding kit.  Most cycle tops and especially the chamois lined bottoms can hold odors and bacteria even after being washed several times.  The solution?  When you start sorting through your clothes this spring, throw everything into a wash basin and add a cap full of Sport -WashSport -Wash can be found in the Hunting and Camping Section of many stores such as Walmart and does a fantastic job of restoring permeability and removing smells.  You should also try their Shampoo & Body Wash.  It gently removes odors from your hair and skin and will keep you smelling quite pristine even after a long day on the road.

GORE BIKE WEAR Ozone Lady Tights
Once you've given your riding tights a thorough cleaning, you can prolong its freshness with a pair of ExOfficio's Give-n-Go collection underwear.  These new lace panties are oh so light but specially made to dry quickly and repel odors.  The lace says "Hey I'm still a woman" and looks especially nice drying in the sunshine!  Now I know some hard core cyclists opt for wearing nothing under their chamois but unless you want to constantly wash your tights, this is a much better idea.  It also makes me think of one unfortunate Italian cyclist who crashed during the Tour de France a few years ago.  He was "au naturale" too but when his tights ripped, everybody knew his secret!

Of course the main thing is to be comfortable in the saddle.  I've had cycling bottoms that we too big or had a very thick bulky chamois.  One was so bad that it kept getting stuck on the seat when I remounted after a light change.  You don't need distractions like that.  Better to be a little snug than too big.  Also look for other comfort features in your cycling shorts like flat-lock seams and no-roll, wide waistbands.
Multiple panels on the tights and princess seaming on the tops make for a better fit and an aerodynamic ride. Full or extra long zippers also help control sweat and over-heating by allowing you to regulate air flow to the skin.

You should have at least two pairs of riding tights, (one to wash, one to wear) and one jacket and two cycle jerseys to start off with.  If you wash them by hand, they will last for years of heavy use.  A very smart way to protect your investment!

PHOTO: GORE BIKE WEAR Phantom SO Lady Jacket in Light Red & Black.  This is the BEST!  Take the sleeves off when it warms up and put them in your panniers as shown here.  Now you have a short sleeved jersey and vest! Helmet & Cycle glasses by Rudy Project.  Jacket  Features:

  • WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell
  • Detachable raglan sleeves
  • Pre-shaped elbows
  • Additional short sleeves
  • Elastic sleeve cuffs
  • Full length zip with semi-lock slider
  • Zip-underflap
  • 3-compartment patch pockets on back
  • Reflective piping on back and sleeves

Terry Bicycles "Symmetry" Woman Specific Road Bicycle

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