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XTreme XTraining's Top 10 Natural Pain Relievers

Muscle pains and sprains are inevitable for athletes of all levels.
Each training session is a chance for muscle growth and increase. Now for that to happen, it means existing muscle fibers have to be literally torn down and rebuilt. Along with that comes the usual build up of lactic acid. So both can cause soreness,cramping and pain especially at night when you're trying to rest. Ever hear of a "Charley Horse"?  If you are not getting quality sleep as a result of muscle soreness and aches, here are my Top 10 Natural Pain Relievers for athletes like you and me.

1.) MyoBuddy Pro Massager
Every serious athlete has at least one hand-held massager available for those sore after workout pains. I've visited many health spas with professional massage technicians on staff and prefer to use the same equipment they do. The MyoBuddy offers multiple speeds from a gentle to a vigorous massage. You control the duration and intensity! Especially great on sore thighs, calves and lower back as this is a professional grade unit built for intense massage therapy. Visit online.

MyoBuddy Pro Massager

2.) Minerals and Salts from the Dead Sea 
Commonly called Magnesium Oil Spray, the active ingredient in this type of odorless, topical spray is Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate. The only problem I found was a bit of skin irritation when I first used it. I cut it down with a bit of lavender water which made it much more soothing. Mg Oil Spray is similar to taking an Epsom Salt soak but on the run. In fact, if you are really sore first take a bath with AHAVA Dead Sea Minerals and finish with a quick Magnesium Oil Spray. Trust me your muscles will be in "La La Land" as a result.

Dead Sea Salts & Minerals

3.) Zim's MaxFreeze Topical Pain Spray
While I am not a fan of menthol fragrances, I have to admit that Zim's MaxFreeze Continuous Spray for Muscles and Joint's smell vanishes (somehow) very quickly. I'm not sure how they do it but not only does this product instantly "freeze" the pain but it lasts for hours of relief. Contains natural extracts of arnica, aloe and tea tree oil. Available at most pharmacies nationwide or online at

Zim's Max Freeze Gel & Continuous Spray

4.) Turmeric Lovers Healthy Gift Box Bundle
Everybody is buzzing about turmeric! I've been taking turmeric for about 3 years now and have for the most part ditched the NSAIDS I used to take for my lower back. I no longer need them. Turmeric or curcumin which is the active component is commonly used in much of traditional Indian Cuisine.  Sublime Naturals offers several turmeric based products for both internal and external use. So if you want to sample several forms of Turmeric at once, try the Turmeric Lovers Gift Box which contains: Organic Turmeric Tea with Meadowsweet & Ginger, Turmeric Soap, Organic Turmeric Powder and Essential Oil of Turmeric. Get this great box of turmeric treats and more from Sublime Naturals: Turmeric Lovers Gift Boxes or on Amazon

The Turmeric Lovers Gift Box

5.) Bombproof Coffee 
You may have heard of Bulletproof Coffee? Well mine is BOMBPROOF. I found Laird's Turmeric Coffee Creamer to be another easy and enjoyable way to use it. Not only is it delicious but it gives you an almost instant antioxidant infusion with your morning cup of Joe. Really Laird has so many crazy good additions to your coffee in place of those artificial creamers such as: Mushroom Blend, Superfood Creamer, Cacao Creamer. The caffeine and other natural antioxidants found in fresh brewed coffee help to keep muscle aches and pains at bay when used in this combination. Check out all the varieties of elite surfer and athlete, Laird Hamilton's Superfood Non-Dairy Creamers at

Laird Superfood Turmeric Creamer

6.) Calcium Supplements
I learned to rely on calcium during natural childbirth and drug free labor. An easy to absorb form of calcium is calcium citrate. Another good source is the multi-mineral formula found in Coral Calcium's EcoPure Powder. It contains every mineral present in the human body in similar proportions. Whichever form you choose, be sure to take your calcium later in the day when your muscles won't compete as much for the mineral. This will allow more to enter your bones where it is most needed. My favorites? Pimp My Calcium by HUM Nutrition and Coral Calcium EcoPure Powder.

Pimp My Calcium by HUM Nutrition

7.) Pickle Juice
It may sound strange but pickle juice really makes a difference especially for night cramps. I keep a little bottle with me for after a training run or walk. I've also given it to colleagues suffering from post exercise cramping and it works almost immediately. The best part is that it tastes great! Really a lot less acidic than drinking straight pickle juice from the jar but it works! Check it out from The Pickle Juice Co.

Regular and shot sized Pickle Juice from The Pickle Juice Co.

8.) Epsom Salt Soak
This is just a straight up Magnesium Sulfate mineral bath without any added fragrance or colorants. Perfect for a long soak in the tub. I use between 1-1 1/2 cups of Epsom Salt per bath. The magnesium helps displace lactic acid buildup in the muscles so you have less chance of night cramps and pain. This is really what you are getting at most day spas when they offer a "salt rub" or mineral soak. You can enjoy this same soothing treatment at home whenever you like! Buy Epson Salt in the pharmacy department of most stores or drug stores.

9.) Essential Oil of Lavender
You can always add a few drops of pure essential oil of lavender to the bath water. Lavender on it's own not only soothes sore muscles but helps reduce stress and pain. One of the problems with stress is it causes the muscles to contract almost continually to fatigue. Essential Oil of Lavender is easy to add to your current massage oils or pain creams. It smells wonderful and works fast! Here's my favorite brand of Lavender Essential Oil and blends as supplied by my subscription. Essential Oils and Blends

10.) Arnica Flower & Vitamin C
Arnica Montana flowers have been used for centuries to help fade black and blue bruises and soothe muscle aches and pains. I've used it in herbal form as well as homeopathic formulas. Both work equally as well and Zim's Max Arnica Roll On is perfect for direct application to both bruises and sprains. In fact if you find yourself bruising too easily, you may want to check you intake of aspirin and like NSAIDS as that is a side effect. 
Also increasing your Vitamin C intake can also help cut down on bruising. I like Carlson's Mild-C Vitamin C Crystals which are non-acidic while easily mixing into your favorite beverage. 1/2 teaspoon = 2 grams of Vitamin C! Available at

Arnica to fade bruises. Vitamin C to help prevent them.

All of these natural pain relievers, remedies and more are found in my books on wellness, health and healing. All are available from Lotus Press on!

My books which are available on

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