Thursday, July 14, 2016

Feeling Your Oats: High Protein & Fiber Additions to Your Training Table

Grainful Steel Cut Oats based entrees.
I've been looking for ways to change things up on the summer menu without sacrificing both protein and fiber. Quinoa is a bit done with although I still enjoy adding it to certain dishes. Brown rice now is getting a bad wrap over claims of being almost impossible to digest. The controversy continues!

I've found these new meal-makers which include actual entrees and sides from Grainful which are based on Steel Cut Oats. These are amazingly good, chef based dishes that are hearty and satisfying. 

Grainful Meal Entrees

Grainful Meals - Unstuffed Pepper
A have quite a few stuffed pepper snobs in the family who thought the Grainful Unstuffed Pepper entree was spot on. Pretty much a complete meal or can be served as a side for multiple plates. It includes ground turkey, Romano cheese and spices, really everything but the pepper! You could easily use this meal inside peppers or cabbage as a serving suggestion. Either way, it's delicious.

Grainful Sides
Grainful Jambalaya Sides
These are really handy for a quick, one pan meal which can even be done out on the grill. What I did to make the Jambalaya Side is to prepare it in a separate pot to which I also added a little Basmati Rice. You could also add a little quinoa if you have it available. The sides take about  25 minutes or a little less if you prefer a crunchy texture. Warning: the heat level on the Jambalaya is HOT but as the spice packet is separate, you can scale this back according to your tastes. Once it was cooked, I added it to my pan of shrimp, blackened salmon and sauteed vegetables. Delicious! 30 minutes and dinner was ready.

Meatloaf made with the Jambalaya Sides

These sides also make a great addition to: stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage, meatballs, burgers, taco stuffing and meatloaf as shown above here. The result was scrumptious as my meatloaf contained ground pork, grated carrots, rolled oats, Italian bread crumbs and a bit of Grainful Jambalaya Sides. I mixed everything with my stand mixer and put it into a glass Pyrex loaf pan. Before serving I topped it with Italian cheeses. The result was a very hearty meatloaf with much more fiber and protein than the average recipe.

Grainful Sides can also be added to taco filling and burger patties for grilling

The benefits of eating oats are manifold with the main one being their ability to reduce blood cholesterol. This is because oats in and of themselves form a mucilage or type of natural fat-absorbing gelatin. Oats therefore help to intercept excessive dietary fat absorption. These Grainful Meals and Sides are absolutely phenomonal and versatile in helping to put extra protein and fiber on your training table this summer. Look for them at Wegman's and Shoprite in the Greater NYC Area or check online at

Garlic Infused EV Organic Coconut Oil by Nature's Approved
Tip for Adding Extra Flavor & Nutrition
Everyone in the field of fitness is going crazy over the "healthy fat" benefits of coconut oil. However, it's sometimes difficult to get into your diet on a daily basis. I've found this new Organic Garlic Oil in Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil to be a real boon to my dishes, especially my one pan meals mentioned above.
The organic garlic oil is absolutely delicious and can be used to: top pizza, saute vegetables, as a marinade, add to meat or veggie loaves, on the grill, in the slow cooker, in one pan meals and much more. A little goes a long way! Check it out along with other quality organic coconut oils at Nature's Approved online.

Gaea Kalamata and Sitia Region Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils by Gaea also fall into the category of "healthy fats" which also add flavor and nutrition to your dishes. The way that I cook with delicate, high quality Greek oils like the peppery Kalamata Region Olive Oil is to add it to finished dishes as a garnishing oil. Yes, you can cook with it but in my opinion, high temps diminish the taste. So add it to top a Pizza fresh from the oven or an Italian Style Meatloaf similar to the one above made with Grainful Sides. You can also add it as the last step to sauteed garden vegetables. The Sitia Region Olive Oil has more of a fruitiness added to its peppery nuance. Equally as good.

Easy One Pan Recipe: I do a lovely Summer Squash Saute with: onions, garlic, parmesan cheese, oregano finished with a little white Chardonnay wine and EVOO. The perfect way to get more vitamin A, fiber and nutrients in your diet. Check out the estate grown extra virgin, Greek Olive Oils available from Gaea Online.

Natural cooking oils are delicious when added as a finishing touch to slow cooker meals.

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