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Organic,Vegan Protein for Your Training Table - Easy Homemade Almond Milk and Almond Meal

Organic Almond and other nut milks are high in protein and delicious!
When we are cross training, we never want to miss an opportunity to add a little high quality protein to the table. What about getting an organic, raw and vegan source of protein that is loaded with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, calcium, vitamin E, B-12 and riboflavin as well? Look no further than Organic Almond Milk and Almond Meal which I will show you how to make at home. So easy!

Homemade Almond /Nut Milks
Actually, this method will work with other raw nuts such as cashews, Brazil nuts etc. however those nuts do not require pre-soaking. Raw, organic almonds do so here is the method from Raw/Living Food Chef and author, Brenda Hinton creator of

1 cup Raw Organic Almonds (Timbuktu Ranches of CA are amazingly fresh)
3 cups of cool filtered water
1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract (Optional)
Yield: about 3 cups of almond milk

Soak almonds in a covered container for about 6 hours. After that, pour off the water and you are ready to process them into almond milk.
1 cup of organic almonds soaking in 3 cups filtered water
Processing Your Nut Milk
You will need a blender or food processor to grind the soaked almonds into a pulp you can "milk". The trick is not to over-process the almonds. Add the soaked almonds to your blender and fill with just enough water to cover them. You don't want the almonds floating and spinning above the blades. I've blended them on high for about 30 seconds but I used my VitaMix which has a 2 hp motor.

Soaked almonds ready for processing
Once the almonds get going, you can add more filtered water if you like. It makes the pulp easier to pour if it's more on the liquid side. You can use a kitchen sieve or mesh strainer but if you really want to do the job right, get a Nut Milk Bag.

Book by Chef Hinton and Pack of Three Nut Milk Bags

I used Rawsome Creation's More Than a Nut Milk Bag which is a high quality, reusable 10" x 12" white nylon sieve. As the name implies, you can use it for much more than making nut milks. Use it for sprouting seeds, straining juices, making cheeses, teas and a lot more as shown in the Recipe Collection book above by Chef Hinton.

This nut milk bag is very well made and can even be boiled.
I chose my Pyrex mixing bowl with a lip which allows me to pour off the almond milk after straining.
The bag has a little drawstring and I simply loop it over the lip to keep it in place while I pour the almond pulp.

Almond milk draining from the nut milk bag
The next step is the knead or "milk" the bag so that you get out as much liquid as possible. Save the pulp because you can use it in other recipes like pancakes, muffins or added to Irish Oatmeal as a porridge. It is SO delicious!

Almond meal collected from the nut milk bag
My last step is to pour the collected almond milk into a container. Glass is preferable but I use my stainless steel thermal Klean Kanteen as it has an air-tight lid and is easy to pour. Refrigerate and use your almond milk and almond meal within 3 days of processing. You can also freeze these products for up to one month. I used Certified Raw Organic Almonds from Timbuktu Ranches in CA and the quality of their nuts is superior. They also sell them in bulk sizes of 5, 10, 20 and 30 lb bags. Check them out at

Delicious, creamy organic raw almond milk!
At only about 60 calories per cup, your unsweetened, raw almond milk is a nutritional powerhouse winner. Unlike many commercially processed almond milk beverages your homemade version contains NO added sugars, emulsifiers, preservatives or artificial flavors.  I use it anywhere I would cow's milk and it is especially good in my Organic Plant Protein shakes from Garden of Life. Try their easy to mix Smooth Chocolate & Smooth Marley Coffee with a splash of almond milk for the ultimate morning protein bomb! 

These GOL Organic Plant Protein shakes mix well with almond milk
If you want to drink it straight, you can add a little vanilla extract for flavor. Use the almond meal in pancakes (just add it to the batter), muffins and quick breads as this almond product has the most protein ounce for ounce. 

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