Thursday, March 13, 2014

Whey to Go - Designer Whey

Designer Whey has 18 grams of protein but only 100 calories!
This spring, I've been stepping up my weight training, especially since it's been so horribly cold to do much outdoors. All the same, weight bearing exercises builds muscle, torches fat and steps up your metabolism for up to 48 hours after your last rep. So I've really gotten serious about recovering with a good Whey Protein shake. Why? Well, all that lifting actually breaks down muscle cells, tearing into them. It may sound violent but this is the only way you get growth because this triggers new muscle cell regeneration. The trick is to have the building blocks available to facilitate that. You guessed it. Protein!

Designer Whey
Whey protein is derived from dairy and is revered by body builders as it is easy to digest and assimilate without causing bloating. Men especially should stay away from Soy based shakes as they contain phyto-estrogens or plant based sterols which can cause a feminizing effect. Soy is also notoriously difficult to digest so I stay away from products made with it.

Ready Made Designer Whey four-packs in French Vanilla & Chocolate
Whey to Go
I'm really liking these 10.5 fl oz shakes to go. They are so convenient for a walk, run or to pop in your gym bag. I keep a a pack cold in my walk in closet's refrigerator. When I finish with my machine workout, I'm able to grab one and run.  At 100 calories, only 15 of those are from fat and you get a mere 3 grams of sugar per serving. Pretty incredible especially as these taste so good to be THAT low in fat and calories.

Protein Satisfies
I had an early morning photo shoot last weekend in NYC and didn't have time for my usual Oatmeal-Quinoa breakfast. Instead, I grabbed one of these Designer Whey shakes and took it with in my 24 hour Bag. I got through hair, makeup AND the shoot with no problems, taking sips of the shake. Keep in mind that shakes also contribute to your daily water intake, drinking this helped keep me hydrated for the shoot. When we did stop for lunch it was pretty late but I wasn't ravenous. I was in control and ordered a healthy bowl of Butternut Squash Soup!

Crazy delicious flavors of Designer Whey Powders!
Mixology-Designer Whey Powders
While I really enjoy the convenience of ready made shakes, my creative side likes to mix things up every once in a while! I can add a scoop to a fruit smoothie or add my favorite strawberries or cranberries to the mix. The powders have the same caloric/nutritional profile as the ready shakes but offer more flavor choices:
White Chocolate, Luscious Strawberry and Vanilla Praline are just three of my favorite Designer Wheys
These also mix easily with no lumps using only a shaker cup for days when I don't have time for the VitaMix.  See more flavor varieties and products at

Desginer Whey Powders mix well in my fruit smoothies.

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