Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Relays In Ear Headphones by Sol Republic

Finally, earphones for active lifestyles and cross training! Relays by Sol Republic.
RELAYS is the first crossover headphone with patent-pending FreeFlex™ Technology so they won't fall out. If you are like me, I always have my cell or my iPod with me when I go out for my morning exercise.

My iPod has all my favorite tracks and really, who doesn't like to hear great music when exercising? It really makes the time fly but not if you have to keep adjusting and re-inserting your earphones. The Apple ones that came with my iPod were horrible. Super big, round and hard. Really because of that, I seldom used my iPod but have another dedicated MP3 player for outdoor workouts. That one had Audio-Technica Earphones which are great.

However, as you know, to use the voice features of the iPod 3, you need the earphones with the little mic on the cable.

Well, these new RELAYS 3 Button Model has all that so you can likewise stop the music to take a call and perform other functions from just the cable.

RELAYS In Ear Headphones Are Comfortable because they come with four sets of soft earpieces which vary in size. Here you can get a more customized fit by choosing the earpiece closest to your own particular ear canal size. Pop them in, adjust and enjoy. They stay in during a variety of physical activities while staying comfy in the ear. I'll be trying them out in a number of outdoor physical activities but my first impressions are very good thus far. Right now with all of the snow, my main options are snowshoeing and cross country skiing!  To see more lifestyle headphones and accessories, visit Sol Republic Online

Relays Earphones


RELAYS is a true crossover headphone. It's easy to use when you're working out, won't fall out when you're exercising and looks and sounds great for when you're doing neither.

Whether you're running for a train or training for a run, you can enjoy the fit of a sports headphone with all the sound and style you need to keep up with you all day, no matter what you're doing.

Relays could well be the perfect outdoor hiking companion
I went out three times with my new Relays for a brisk walk-hike and they were perfect. Even when jumping over snowbanks and ice, these in ear headphones stayed comfortably in place. No readjusting necessary! The sound quality is also first rate. These will definitely make a difference in the upcoming 2014 Walkabout Challenge this coming March. I just signed up at Vionic and pledged to walk everyday in March. Get some headphones and come on and join me by signing up for the 2014 Vionic Shoes Walkabout!

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