Sunday, November 3, 2013

WildSkins Arm Warmers with a Wild Side

WildSkins Arm Warmers in Hey Hawaii add a splash of color to your darker kits.

The New York City Marathon kicks off TODAY!
Fall is here and while I do have a few long sleeved cycling jerseys, I'm not quite ready to put up the short sleeved ones yet. To extend the wear and visibility of your short sleeved cycling jerseys and running tops, consider WildSkins. Take a look at some of the stylish arm warmers worn by runners in the NYC Marathon today and you can be just as cool or actually warm!

Why WildSkins?
I consider WildSkins to be the Dior of Arm Warmers due to their beautiful design, fit and function. Each WildSkins pair has a little pocket on the wrist to store a little cash or a note for your run or ride. They effectively knock off the wind and offer solar protection as well.

Look to the left by the WildSkins logo and you'll see the hidden sleeve pocket! Spandex fabric stretches every which way.
Rev Up Your Kit
As the days are getting darker and more dreary, having arm warmers like these can give your spirits a super lift. Not only that, bright, bold colors like these help make you more visible to drivers too. If you have a dark or black top, why not add a burst of color with these crazy things? 

Be Visible
I took these Hey Hawaii Design Arm Warmers out for a test drive the over the weekend. Not only did they LOOK fantastic, people actually saw me and did not cut me off. This was despite the fact that I had no flashing headlight as it was left home on the charger.

Fashion Points
As some of you may know, I'm also a contributing editor for Lucky Magazine's Community section. I love fashion and design so I see no reason to stop when it comes to my fitness gear. It may sound a bit shallow to say but it's true that if you are dressed beautifully on your bicycle, people tend to give you more space and respect on the road. Here are some styles I've put together with some of my favorite cycling and running kits from Rudy Project, Gore Bike Wear and Bluey Australia who makes the softest Merino wool outdoor wear around.

WildSkins Orange Burst has beautiful yellow - metallic details in a swirling pattern with Rudy Project's Team Jersey. Perfect for an autumn ride!

WildSkins in Indie Gold. These are so beautiful and completely set off the red flatlock stitching this Outdoor 160 Merino Wool top by Bluey Australia.

WildSkins Hey Hawaii is paired with this Gore Bike Wear Women's Oxygen Kit featuring their amazing WindStopper fabric.

Lots of Uses
I think you get the idea! Mix or match, break up a black kit with a roaring cascade of color and metallic hues. These are also just practical to have in your backpack for hiking when the temperatures drop. Use them for mountain biking to keep your arms from getting thrashed by foliage. Runners will love how these can be peeled off once you warm up. Early morning walkers too. So many uses! Ultra lightweight and packable, there's no reason not to carry a pair or two. Visit WildSkins online to see more styles & colors.

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In addition to our all things bright and beautiful theme for fall, check out these new multi - sport athletic shoes from Sketchers. They absorb light during the day to release glow in the dark visibility for your night run, walk or bicycle ride. Full review coming up!

Arm Warmers c/o WildSkins Co.

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