Monday, September 23, 2013

These Shoes are Made for Walking

Dansko's new addition to their shoe line for Spring/Summer 2014. Walking Shoes with slip proof 100% rubber soles.
If you were in NYC this month, you could not help but notice something was going on, especially around the area of Lincoln Center. That's because September 5th - 12th was New York Fashion Week. This is when all of the top designers showcase their Spring and Summer 2014 designs.

I was invited to a post Fashion Week event by Dansko Shoes who are perhaps best known for their comfortable clogs. I have a few pairs of their fashionable boots and stylish clogs and they are amazingly easy on your feet. So I was very excited to see what was new from Dansko for the upcoming season.

Walking vs Running the World
If you remember those strange rocker bottomed walking shoes from a few years back, they promised to help you burn more calories with each rock, er stride. When it was found out that these claims were not true, (and the lawsuits began flying) a lot of the walking shoe market went south. I hate to say it, but in America, we always have to have the most tricked out, technical gear to do even the most simple things like walking.
In the UK, there is a nationwide movement called Britain on Foot which encourages people to get outside and walk in whatever shoes and clothing they feel most comfortable in. Walking is easy to do, inexpensive and accessible to most people. It is also less stressful on your joints than running.

Walking is a great alternative to running and easier on your knees.
What's A-Foot for Spring 2014?
So what new details are we seeing in walking and running shoes next spring? Well, look for 100% rubber soles. These types of soles offer a superior amount of cushioning and arch support. Just think about shock absorbers for your knees. Rubber is also naturally grippy and slip-proof. This makes a big difference if you run on slippery surfaces and pavements.

Also looks for bright neon color accents, (New Balance, Nike all have them), against a darker shoe color. These are really hot and don't show dirt as much as lighter colored athletic shoes (in the New York area we call them "sneakers"!) The brighter colors offer more visibility for day or night time walking but be sure the shoes you choose have reflective details.

Crowds crossing at 34th and 7th Ave. in NYC. Yes, many are wearing walking shoes or sneakers!

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