Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Moxie Vixen Cycling Jersey: Visibly Cool

Moxie Cycling Company'sT-Back Vixen combines style with visibility.  WindMax Helmet and Ability Eyewear by Rudy Project
Summer cycling is always a challenge. The sun, heat and humidity can all but ruin a ride. Personally, I love the cool breezes a sleeveless singlet can bring but always have to make sure my underthings don't show.
That's why I was so impressed with Moxie's designs in women's cycling jerseys. They totally get it. These little numbers have an included nylon support bra so simply throw this bad boy on and ride. As the company says: "Even busty ladies can feel 'locked and loaded' without needing additional support."

Moxie Vixen Cycling Jersey
The bold pattern of the Vixen offers maximum style and road visibility so get ready to turn heads. This is not a line for wallflowers although if you are, you can easily come out of your shell in the Vixen. This design was actually created by one of the company owners and as you can see it's just fabulous!

Moxie Vixen has ergonomic seams & a tag-less design

Material Goods
Moxie's Vixen and their many other styles are made of a substantial moisture transport fabric. The fabric is almost like that of a spandex Tankini and I suspect you could even use this top for a triathlon or swimming as getting wet wouldn't cause it to creep up or show through.

Heat Transfer
It's long been known that having your armpits exposed to the cooling breezes allows your blood to also chill out. The Vixen offers design specific ventilation points to release heat just where you need it, keeping you comfortable even on very hot days.

Got Your Back 
One thing I think is important in a cycling jersey is that it covers your backside even when your riding down in the drops or using your aero bars. This jersey has some structure so it's not going to fly up or inch up on you. The three rear pockets lay very flat and really you don't notice them unless you look closely. However the point is, you WILL be noticed in this cycling top and for me, the more visibility the better. Along with bold patterns like this, add as many lights on your helmet, bicycle and yourself as possible. Here on the back of the WindMax Cycle Helmet, we have a Super Nova Red Firefly LED Light. Set it on blink and add a bit of extra visibility and safety to your next ride.

T-Back design and rear pouches of the Vixen. Super Nova Helmet Light by Road ID.com

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