Monday, March 4, 2013

Rudy Project Racing Jerseys

Team Rudy!  Full Zippered Short Sleeved Jersey is SO ready for your spring ride.
March is said to come in like a lamb and go out like a lion. Well, I just know the first ride for the Spring 2013 season, I'm going out like a lion!  Nothing pumps you up like a new cycling jersey, especially if you feel like you've been in moth-balls all winter. Now I've had some good rides over the winter but I'm talking about getting geared up in your kick-butt kit or at least pulling on your bib shorts.

Rudy's Long Sleeved Jersey in White & Sterling Helmet
Jersey Fresh!

It does something for your spirits to don a team jersey for your first seasonal ride. Rudy Project's Racing Jerseys are made in Italy since 1985 and the newest additions are EcoGreen. This means the jersey is made from a recycled polyester and helps lessen the impact on the environment.
The styling is unmistakably European. Rudy's Racing Jerseys come in XS-XXXL and your color choice of Black or White, long or short sleeves. I especially like these Jerseys for:

Full, non bulking invisible zippers
Silent, plastic zipper pulls
3 generously deep, open pouches in the back
2 reflector strips on back sides of the jersey 
Super soft, non-interfering neck band
Breathable, airy fabric

One of my favorite features for a cycling jersey is an invisible rear zip pocket and angled pouches for easier access which these do not have. However, this is minor. What I really value is having a full zipper to ventilate / conserve heat during the course of my ride.

Adding a pair of Smartwool Hy Fi arm warmers & RoadID cycle socks seals the deal.
Get More Wear with Arm Warmers
You can get even more wear from your short-sleeved cycling jerseys by implementing arm warmers. I like to use the warmest, slimmest that I can find so I use Smartwool Hy-Fi Arm and Leg Warmers.  They are made of a cozy yet non-bulky, soft Merino wool. They have silicon strips to help keep them up under your jersey cuffs.  Once you warm up, peel them off and stuff them in your rear pouch.

RoadID Giordana Bib Shorts & Smartwool Hy-Fi Warmers

Don't Forget the Cycle Socks
Freshen up your kit for spring by adding a pair of new matching cycling socks. I purchased a pair of Speede Cycle Socks by DeFeet from Road ID to match my RoadID Giordana Women's Bib Shorts. Like the Rudy Project jersey, the socks are made of recycled materials, namely Cool Max EcoMade. These USA made socks are thin and stay cool

If the weather is still cool, you're covered. Smartwool's Merino Wool Hy-Fi collection includes arm, leg and knee warmers. 

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