Monday, December 3, 2012

Fun and Games - Indoor Recreation

Foosball is great fun and can be played as team doubles.
Winter is just about here and maybe you're thinking about cold-weather sports and activities. While I thoroughly relish all things snowy, I also know it's helpful to have a few fun indoor activities on hand.  Here are a few game room favorites that can be played with family and friends on those cold winter nights:

Air Hockey, Ping Pong & Pool Table in One
The Harvard 3 in 1 game table you see here is somewhat of a chameleon. It comes with all the pieces to transform it into a:

Pool Table
Ping Pong Table
Air Hockey Table

Depending on what we want to do, we will set up the table for any one of these games.  Table Tennis and Air Hockey give us the most exercise but it is so much fun, you won't even notice the serious workout you're getting.

Laughter is likewise a great workout and I don't know anyone who can keep a straight face during Air Hockey!

We enjoy these games during the Holidays... especially in the evening after dinner.  It's a great way to connect with your loved ones while burning a few calories and releasing stress.

The same Harvard game table set up for billiards

I can remember playing this is the game room at the Rutgers Student Center on College Avenue. I'd have another student as my partner who was equally bad!  The proper name is Table Soccer but the name of the person who invented it is unknown. Frenchman Lucien Rosengart, an automobile engineer for Citroen, claimed to have made this game to keep his grandchildren entertained in the winter.

What we do know for sure is Englishman Harold Searles Thornton holds the earliest-known patent from 1923, as his invention looks and operates just like the game we know today.

A standard Foosball table will allow up to two players per team to play.  Just like soccer, you pivot your players to kick the ball and prevent the opposing team from scoring a goal. It is very simple but causes you to become quite engaged. This heightened hand-eye coordination can also carry over to other fitness training activities.

Foosball or Table Hockey by SportCraft
Any quality game table that you get should have adjustable, leveling feet.  Once the game table is set up where you want it, the surface needs to be even for optimal play.  Both the Air Hockey and Foosball tables have sliding score counters for each side.

Sturdy construction is also important.  That's because we often lean on our tables or push into them while playing. It may be a bit more work, (and weight), moving a solid built table into your game room but it is SO worth it when you start playing.

Game Changer
Also a game table that can covert into multiple activities and play options is going to be more desirable and a better value.  This is especially true if space is an issue.  Why not have a choice of games or activities according to your mood, guests or preferences?  It's just so cool to ask a house guest what THEY would like to play that evening.

Our fireplace in the game room is perfect for cozy indoor games.
So outdoor activities and sports aren't the only way to go this winter. Pop some popcorn in the fireplace, play some pool, foosball or air hockey and just relax.  Better still invite some extra friends and family over for the fun this holiday season.

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  1. Great post. My kids have been bugging me to turn the den into a game room so I have been looking into game tables. I don't want to get anything cheap because my boys are very rough and will break it in seconds. A fireplace would be great, thanks for the tips.