Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mountainsmith Dart TLS REVIEW

Just the essentials but really important ones!  Mountainsmith Dart TLS with waterbottle & gel pack pouch.

The newly updated Mountainsmith Dart TLS allows you to pack just what's essential for a short run, walk or hike when lightness is key.  The Dart weighs a mere 7 ounces!

The Dart is made of airy, recycled materials with a water bottle holder (comes with its own Mountainsmith BPA-Free water bottle).  However you can pop in your favorite water bottle such as the new smaller Insulated 12 oz Polar Bottle.  Filling a thermal bottle with ice and water helps keep you cooler in the heat not to mention hydrated.

The Dart TLS weighs only 7 ounces
Easy Access
On the left hand side is an easy to access zippered pouch with mesh inner separators and a key clip.  More than enough space inside for a couple of gel packs, your cell, some cash and an energy bar.

The Dart is easy to adjust with its perforated air-flow foam padding and Lumbar Control Point™ pad that locks the pack into the lumbar region of your back.  I ran with it fully loaded and did not notice any shifting or bouncing up and down. Really for such a small lumbar pack, it offers a lot of features:

  • Diamond airmesh with anti-sweat DWR finish
  • Lumbar Control Point™ pad
  • 3M™ reflective piping
  • Internal key clip
  • Headphone port on front pocket
  • Low profile side mesh pockets fit energy gels
  • Internal mesh pocket holds iPhone, iPod or similar devices
  • Airflow waistbelt
  • Perforated interior foam padding for increased breathability
  • BPA-Free Water Bottle is included

Firefly Supernova Blinkie
The Dart TLS has reflective piping all around for maximum visibility at night.  You can even clip on a Firefly Supernova LED blinkie to be sure you're seen when running after sunset or before sunrise.  As the weather heats up, these cooler parts of the day will be prime time for getting outdoors.

The Wrap
Ultralight backpacking is becoming more and more popular as most of us realize that the bigger our packs, the more tempting it is to fill it with stuff we really don't need.  This is especially true for shorter hikes and excursions when you can leave most of your gear at base camp or if you are front country daypacking, in your car.
I've found that I could fit my SOL Origin Survival Kit and Aurora Magnesium Fire Starter in the Dart.  This plus a container of water and some almonds would be about the bare minimum I would take on a short hike.  Water is SO essential that it is refreshing to see a lightweight lumbar pack like this include a water bottle. The water bottle even works with the Purificup Portable Water Filtration System for refills in the outback. In fact this pack impressed us so much that we included it in our gear collection for the Heat & Sun Awareness Project on Pinterest
The beauty of the Dart is that it can be used during very strenuous activities such as running and rock climbing.  People who have shoulder pain will appreciate the shift to carrying weigh in the lower back area.  All around this is a great little lumbar pack that you will appreciate for its many features and lightness.  Visit the Mountainsmith Website for more innovative designs in outdoor gear! 

The Dart can double as a survival belt.  It holds the SOL Origin Survival Kit and Aurora Firestarter.

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