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Winter Hiking & Biking: Hot Food & Drinks to Go

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Insulated containers.  Fill your Day Pack with HOT food and drinks to stay warm on the trail.

Every successful outdoor adventure begins with proper preparation and planning.  You can reference our Winter Layers article on how to keep warm on the outside but how about the inside?  

We all like to bring along snacks and maybe a sandwich but what about something HOT for a winter hike or bicycle ride?  Totally within reach.  All you need are the right containers to help keep things nice and toasty warm.  Yes,  that would include you.

MOUNTAINSMITH Alder 30 Women's Pack

Ladies first!  The Alder 30 offers a woman-specific details and is made from 17 recycled 16 oz plastic bottles.  This is an extended day pack with bottom panel compression straps and easy access to the entire pack contents plus the following features:

  • Compression molded back panel with contoured lumbar support
  • Delrin® hoop suspension system
  • Elastic sternum strap and bite valve catch
  • Expandable front panel stash pocket
  • Ice axe & tool loop
  • Internal hydration bladder sleeve with exit port
  • Pivoting dual density waistbelt for optimal load transfer
  • Removable safety whistle
  • Shoulder harness and waist belt are ergonomically fit specifically for women
  • Side compression straps with quick-release hardware
  • Side panel accessory pocket fits sigg™ and nalgene® style water bottles
  • Trekking pole mount(s)

This gender-specific design day pack takes into consideration anatomical differences us women share.
Fully loaded, large capacity holds much more than the average day pack, up to an extended 2563 cu inches (42 L) and weighs only 3 lbs 4 ozs. 

RUDY PROJECT Day Pack II  Hydration

Single Entry with Front Pocket
Compression Side Straps
Headphones Exit Port
Ergonomic Reinforced back Frame
Integrated Mesh Shoulders
Elastic Drawstring with Cord Lock
Waist Belt

Since Day Packs are for, uh the day, they tend to be small but the Rudy Project Day Pack II Hydration has a full on removable internal hydration system with a 2L bladder.  Since the hydration pack stays next to your body, the water doesn't freeze.  Plus it means more room in the backpack itself for other things. 

We especially appreciate the double zippers and multiple pockets on the Day Pack which even has a hidden/retractable helmet retainer.  Mountain biking, climbing, skiing or snowboarding, you'll be able to stow your helmet during the trip.  This bag is lightweight and very comfortable as we have used it on our Ski Expeditions last season.  Since your water concerns have thus been taken care of, you can now move on to something equally important.  Hot food and coffee!

Klean Kanteen Insulated Containers

Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel
Wide Mouth for filling yours. Eat right out of the container
12, 16 & 20 oz sizes
Interchangeable Cafe Lids and Loop Caps
Keeps food and drinks hot for up to 6 hours, cold for 24

The Klean Kanteen is a whole new twist on the Thermos bottles of old. BPA free, 18/8 grade stainless steel does not react with acidic or hot food & drinks.  So go ahead, pack it with your favorite garlicky hot spaghetti and meatballs then switch to the Cafe Cap and add your barista's best, hot coffee.  There is no flavor transfer.  Bring along some spoons and eat right out of the container.  No disposable packaging to worry about as you bring out just what you've brought in keeping the forest pristine and klean
Hot Broccoli Cheese Soup STAYED HOT on our hike. Visit Augie Foods!
I packed my favorite Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese Soup in my insulated Klean Kanteen before going on my hike. Three hours later when we stopped, it was still so hot I could barely eat it!  Really I needed to let it cool down before eating it even though it was cold and windy that day. Klean Kanteens are so versatile for bringing along drinks AND food, keeping them hot or cold as you prefer.

Trangia 27-5 Ultralight Cookstove

5 lightweight aluminum Pots and Pans with removable handles
Non-stick, scratch proof surfaces  
Adjustable windshield included
Can be used with alcohol burner, (included) or Primus gas burner
Trangia 27 5 using the Primus burner & gas canister
I like to bring along a cookstove and mess kit because it is such a comfort to stop and have something HOT to eat while hiking.  This set is made in Sweden of ultra light aluminum weighing only 1.9 lbs and nests into a small disk, about 5 1/4 inches in diameter.  Very compact, the Trangia 27 5 fit neatly into the Day Pack along with two Klean Kanteens with plenty of room to spare.  It also fits easily in our Sunlite Bike Bag with Panniers.  You can bring along anything from instant oatmeal packets to savory freeze dried camp meals found at your local outfitters.  I like to bring my own fresh ingredients:

Trail Eggs 'n Sausage 
Gas Burner Attachment

Pre-crack fresh eggs into a ziplock bag
Turkey or pork sausage patties in another
Spinach or whole grain Wraps or Pita Pockets
Sliced Cheddar Cheese (optional) 
Salt & Pepper Packets (optional)
Salsa or Ketchup Packets (optional)

Start the sausage patties first, flip and then add your eggs.  These are non-stick pans so no worrying about bringing extra oil.  Cooks in under five minutes or less if you like your eggs sunny side up.  Place the HOT eggs and sausage patties in a wrap or Pita Pocket and you won't need plates or napkins.  Perfect for an early AM hike when you didn't have time to eat a serious breakfast at home.  Trangia Cookstoves and gas burner attachments are available from CampSaver.

Never underestimate the value of getting something hot into your stomach after being exposed to freezing temperatures.  If you're on a bicycle, you have to factor in windchill which can make the temps feel even colder.  Hypothermia is a serious medical condition and one of the ways to help bring up your core body temperature is to eat and or drink something hot.  If you plan to be out for less than six hours, a Klean Kanteen will keep your food and drink hot for at least that long.  Beyond that six hour limit?  Bring a cookstove so that you can stop and make something hot on the trail.  Sorry but gel packs and Clif Bars just don't cut it in the wintertime.  Hiking isn't a punishing ordeal, (or at least it shouldn't be).  Pack right, pack light and bring along something hot to eat and drink so your trip will be much more pleasurable.  
Trangia 27 5 light weight aluminum set includes a spirit lamp to cook a hot meal on the trail.  It was my only cookstove on a week long camping trip but I recommend the gas burner attachment as it heats quicker and cooks longer.

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