Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weather To Go

The Kestrel 4500BT Pocket Weather Tracker by Nielsen Kellerman
When we go out and shoot on location for X-Treme X-Training, it is really important to stay on top of changing weather conditions.  If you are planning a ski or snowboarding excursion, you'll do well to have a weather meter like the Kestrel 4500BT or an AltiTech II along with you.  Really, you haven't properly packed unless you have some way of monitoring changes in the weather.
AltiTech II by HighGear

Your Android or Smart Phone is only going to give you the current conditions of the nearest available weather station.  That may or may not be very helpful to you if you are outside of that particular area by 5 miles or more.  The best case scenario is to know the changing conditions where you are.  If you are backpacking and just want the minimum, the AltiTech II by HighGear is a good choice due to it's carabiner clip, digital compass, altimeter and display of barometric pressure, temp & weather icons.
Kestrel's  Bluetooth technology offers wireless transfers

The Kestrel 4500BT tracks, temp. humidity, heat index, wind chill and has a built in digital compass to track wind direction and speed.  Used by The Weather Channel and members of the Armed Forces, Kestrels have an on board barometer to keep track of air pressure fluctuations.

Need to keep a record of weather trends over time? The Kestrel 4500BT can give you a heads up on an impending storm AND do a wireless transfer of that data to your laptop.  Sorry those apps just aren't available from Yahoo Weather!

Visit Nielsen-Kellerman online to choose the right Kestrel for your expedition needs!

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