Thursday, July 21, 2016

Top Summer Hydration Tips: Juice vs Pure Water

Zero Water = Pure, cold filtered water, the best summer hydrator.
I really can't stress how important pure cold water is in the summertime. Having cold filtered water on tap is a real luxury! That's why I have a Zero Water Filtration Pitcher with a serving spout in my kitchen refrigerator. I also have a water cooler and mini fridge in my walk in closet in which I keep chilled, pure water and healthy drinks available at all times. Here are some of my favorites for both hydration and to give you an extra work-out edge during the summer months.

Jump Start Your Metabolism With Ice Cold Water
I start my morning with at least 16 ozs or 2 cups of ice cold water from my water cooler. This not only cleanses the internal organs but the chilled water helps rev up your metabolism by about 18%.
If you need to be out the door, fill up a triple insulated thermal container like an EcoVessel for the road. I always take one, filled 1/3 of the way with ice cubes for summer days on the tennis court or golf course. Stays icy cold for up to 6 hours.

EcoVessel full of ice cold water for the golf course.

Organic Lemon Juice Cleanse
A close second to pure, filtered water. Simply add the juice of 1/4 fresh organic lemon to 2 cups or 16 ozs of icy cold water in the morning. This is perhaps one of the simplest yet effect daily cleanses you can do. Just quarter a lemon and wrap each section for use each morning. Squeeze into your container or glass of water and you're good to go.

Fresh, Sweet Meyer organic lemons from Limoneira are your new friends.

Juices That Can't Be BEET
Now we know to skip the HFCS's or high fructose corn sweetened drinks and the like but there are some new, natural juices that really give you an edge on performance and endurance. I'm talking about Beet Root Juice. Naturally sweet, beets are rich in antioxidants and help quell stress induced inflammation. I've found beets to help me during exercise and even after for a quicker, less painful recovery time. I make my own in my VitaMix but PurJus Bottled 100% Organic Beet Root Juice is very close to homemade. If I want beet root juice "to go" I take along a 8.4 oz can of Beet Performer which also comes as a blend with Passion Fruit or B12. Take a can of this along on the day of a race or timed competition!

Purjus and Beet Performer beet juices.

Hydrate with Probiotics
Another hydration product I found great to take along for race days is KARMA Wellness Water. Spring water based, it contains other essential nutrients PLUS a shot of probiotics contained in the cap which you shake in. Very easy to mix, each bottle of Wellness Water contains 2 billion live cultures and only 20 calories. Definitely something you'll want to take during summer workouts to keep hydrated and "flora" balanced. Check out the flavors at

Probiotics + Spring Water for the win.

Hydration + Curcumin
This is another sneaky way to hydrate plus mitigate inflammation and muscle fatigue. Curcumin is the new super-spice that's taking the fitness world by storm. In fact I have been recommending it for years now. ARYA Curcumin + Drinks are naturally sweetened yet spiked with antioxidants as well as minerals. Since it is in a drink form, offers an almost immediate recovery response. Chill for after your workout or run, I plan to pack one for my next Run10 FEED10 10k race in September. See all their drink varieties and products at

ARYA Curcumin based drinks.

So I would stay away from sweetened drinks yes, but there is no reason why you can't include some natural juices and flavored waters just to change things up a bit. The trick is to lean more towards pure water rather than juices. In fact I always cut my juices with water anyway so you're not hit with too much sweetness which often only makes you thirstier.

Meet your new workout buddies!

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